Where to incorporate offshore companies?

Would you like to incorporate an offshore business, an offshore LLC perhaps? Before you can actually begin the process for your offshore companies registration you must first select a jurisdiction in which you want to incorporate your business company. Offshore business formation for offshore companies is a service available from many countries around the world and your choice of jurisdiction for your corporation will be based on both your business and your personal needs. For example, an investor with extensive business relations in Asia will find a Singapore or Hong Kong company more readily accepted by vendors and business partners, while a Panama Corporation may be favored by investors with business interests in Latin and South America and using a Panama offshore bank account; similarly, an investor doing business within the US might opt for US offshore LLC formation as the US company might be more recognizable by other US vendors. Regardless the location of your corporation incorporation, your offshore business company should always benefit from reduced tax liability (tax free), unrestricted access to international trade and global markets, enhanced privacy and confidentiality, built in asset security.

Benefits and advantages of incorporating offshore companies

An offshore company beats the local onshore company several times over:

  • Offshore companies can engage in legitimate business activities from anywhere in the world (except in the place where they are registered and distinguished as an “offshore” business) ;
  • Offshore company businesses are not subject to taxation, (where they are taxed, as a matter of choice, the taxes are set to be significantly lower);
  • Offshore company formation permitted with a single incorporator, (director, shareholder or member);
  • Offshore companies can be set up in many forms, IBCs, LLC, LC, LDC (depending on jurisdiction);
  • Offshore companies can open offshore bank accounts in any currency;
  • Offshore companies are not subject to foreign exchange charges and can do business in any legal currency;
  • Offshore companies can be formed using nominee officers where by the actual identities of the beneficial owners is undisclosed, and your identity is not public;
  • Offshore companies have no reporting and accounting requirements or where required, this is intentionally minimal.

Fast and straightforward company formation

Once you have decided on the jurisdiction for your offshore business incorporation, you must then choose a reliable and professional service provider (agent) in that territory to assist you with the company formation process. In most all territories offering offshore company incorporation, it is a legal requirement for the process of to be handled by a local registered agent. Generally offshore companies must also always have a local registered agent and a local address. These are two legal requirements for offshore corporation incorporation, be it offshore LLC formation or otherwise.

Offshore service agents provide two main services: offshore company formation and offshore company maintenance. The primary role of the registered agent is to act as the intermediary between your business (offshore company) and the local registry, or other agencies. During the offshore company incorporation process the agent will provide the necessary records for offshore company formation and ensure you provide all the necessary documentation that will lead to a fast and problem free offshore corporation formation.

Once you incorporate your offshore business, it is the agent’s responsibility to ensure that the company is annually maintained as the law requires which means that the annual renewal fees are paid up and in full by the due date, all company paperwork is in order, and the offshore company remains in good standing.

Offshore business incorporation and the process for offshore business formation should be one that is simply and easy for you the investor. The best rated offshore service providers are those have a user friendly interface, pages that are easy to navigate, agents are easy to contact, fast response times, and more importantly, simplified online corporation incorporation forms and affordable and functional business company packages. Forming an offshore business company should not be a long and delayed process, in fact the best offshore jurisdictions offer same day incorporations: Anguilla, Dominica, Nevis, Seychelles, BVI are some of these territories offering one day company incorporation; nor should such services be over priced and inaccessible.

Affordable to incorporate offshore

The cost to incorporate an offshore corporation like Dominica corporation and prices for offshore business services varies greatly. Basic offshore company formation packages can start off as low as US$ 500 for an offshore company, and exceed US$ 3000 though some vendors. But a cheap offshore company incorporation price may be too good to be true; scam company formation, hidden charges and fees, exorbitant renewal fees, inadequate support and maintenance services. Instead, shop around and choose not only based on price, but on reputation, years of experience. Look for comparatively affordable offshore incorporation pricing for companies with established years of experience, and the supplementary services that will grow with your company and your business needs as they may arise. The offshore incorporation set up should be transparent with no hidden fees and all upfront charges.

After Incorporation Services

In addition to affordable offshore company formation prices and fast company incorporation, it is also very important to be able to have the support and supplementary services that could further enhance your offshore company at the time of incorporation and later, so that your offshore needs can grow with your business needs. The best offshore business incorporation packages would also include essential offshore business banking services, such as bank account set up, bank introductions, and other offshore business services like merchant accounts, virtual office services, mail forwarding, nominee director or member services.

Simple offshore company formation requirements

Generally, the documents required for offshore company incorporation (offshore IBC formation or offshore LLC formation) are as follows, but may vary with jurisdiction and not limited to:

  1. A certified copy of the valid passport or a national ID card, or other government issued picture ID;
  2. An original bankers reference;
  3. An original personal reference;
  4. Proof of residential address – an original and recent utility bill or bank or credit card statement; which notes your residential address.

The better offshore jurisdiction for offshore company formation are well regulated and have compliance requirements., so you should expect the basic due diligence formalities to be carried out by the agent, but all discoveries and information shared between the agent and you during the offshore company incorporation, is protected by law.

Offshore incorporation should not be a daunting task, but does require some cautiousness, since among the best, there are many unreliable and not so legit online vendors claiming to sell offshore company incorporation services, but do not have the resources to maintain or tend to other offshore services or needs you may have. You should choose a company with a sound reputation and years of experience in the business of offshore corporation incorporation with which you can incorporate your business company in a safe and secure manner.

Now, you are ready to incorporate your offshore business and enhance your business with the best offshore business banking and best offshore business services. The business of the future is the offshore corporation. Your business depends on offshore business banking and offshore business services to succeed globally. Incorporate your offshore business company today!

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